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  Wednesday, December 2, 2020  
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In 2017, CMSA required all coaches/assistant coaches AND one parent of every registered child to take the "Respect in Sport" Certification. This is MANDATORY. If you are new to Southfour and haven't taken this course, it will need to be done. 

*If you have taken this in hockey or other sports, the certification can be transfered over. Just email for more information.


The Respect in Sport Program is an online certification program designed to protect our youth as well as enhance Calgary Minor Softball of providing a safe and fun environment for all our participants. It is Canada’s leading online bullying, abuse, harassment, and negligence prevention program for parents,  coaches, and community leaders. It is offered in two different streams:

Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach/Officials
COACHES - click here to take RIS Course  

Provides in-depth information about bullying, abuse, harassment and neglect. It demonstrates negative behaviours and provides ideas of how a situation may be best handled, including valuable information from subject matter experts delivered in a clear and concise fashion, and asks questions of the leaders based on the scenarios presented. Specific topics include: definitions of bullying, abuse, harassment, neglect and discrimination, cyber-bullying, hazing, use of power, emotions, how to respond, reporting, moral and legal issues, and development.

Respect in Sport Parent
PARENTS - click here to take the RIS Course  

A program providing information on parents’ natural influence over a child, the coach or leaders role in an activity, the role parents play in their child’s enjoyment and of a sport or activity, and protecting your child when they are outside of your immediate control. The program also provides parents with tools to evaluate their own behaviour by highlighting five key "behavioural traps" frequently exhibited by parents, particularly in competitive sports. It demonstrates negative behaviours and provides ideas of how a situation may be better handled, includes valuable information from subject matter experts delivered in a clear and concise fashion, and asks questions of parents based on scenarios presented. Specific topics included in the program are: five common negative parent behaviours, a child’s development, nutrition and hydration, rest, injuries, as well as interacting with coaches, officials, and other parents.

Program Access Instructions:

If you have an existing Activity Leader certificate, select "Import a Certificate" and follow the prompts
If you have an existing profile in any other Respect Group program, select "No User Profile? Register Now" and
then "Look-Up"
If this is your first time registering for a Respect Group Program, select "No User Profile? Register Now" followed
by "Register"
Complete registration and select "Submit" at the bottom of the page and you will be directed to the payment page
On the payment page, click Pay Now, or Enter a Pre-Registration Code if you have been provided one by your
Once the payment has been processed, you will be directed to the Home Page of the program
To re-access the program, return to the same URL indicated above and enter the username and password
created during registration
General Information:

Respect Group programs run most effectively on traditional PC and MAC computers using any common browser.
iOS and Android mobile devices may be used with third-party browsers such as the Puffin Browser available via
the App Store or the Google Play store. If using mobile devices, it is recommended you connect via wifi and not a
cellular connection as the programs are multimedia in nature
Numerous Customer Support tools are available for any questions you may have before login as well as within the
program. Prior to logging in you will see buttons to retrieve usernames and passwords, and to look up your
certificate number. Inside the program, the Help button is available to connect you with a Customer Support

Frequently asked questions -         


Coach Requirements
Calgary Minor Softball Association Districts/Organizations must ensure that all teams meet the requirements outlined in the chart below.  Any team that does not meet the requirements outlined is not an eligible team and therefore is not able to participate in league play for Calgary Minor Softball until all requirements are met.

Calgary Minor Softball Coaches Orientation

Competed and current Police Check


MED (Making Ethical Decisions)

NCCP Certified – Level 1 or 2

U10 – U19

All Divisions
U10 – U19

All Divisions
U10 – U19

U12 – U19

U12 – U19

Image result for check mark

Required for Provincial Play

Required for Provincial Play


*All persons listed on the player roster must be certified in Respect in Sport – Coach Edition (not to be confused with the Parent Module)

  • In all divisions, all members of the registered team officials, must have completed the Respect in Sport Coach Edition by April 3 of the current 2017 season.  Certification will be reviewed on a yearly basis.
  •  Teams failing to have completed this program will be ineligible for Calgary Minor Softball League Play of any kind.
  •  For the current season, in all divisions, one parent of every registered player must have completed the Respect in Sport Parent Program.
  •  Players failing to have a parent certified with the Respect in Sport certification will be ineligible to play until certification has been achieved.


 Respect is Everything

Kids First…Athletes Second….Fun always= Success


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