"Let's play ball!"

Board of Directors

Our Association is run by dedicated volunteers.

Presently, there are positions which need to be filled to ensure the continued success of our program.

Meetings are held once a month from September to April, with additional meetings held off-season in order to plan for the next season.


for those parents who commit to a minimum 2 year position on the Board or as a coach. 

Please contact the President if you are interested in joining the Southfour Board.

Executive Board Members

President:  Christine Bullock (southfoursoftballassoc@gmail.com)

Vice-President: Terry Hamm

Treasurer*: Grace Tan (southfoursoftballassoc@gmail.com)
*Looking for replacement

Secretary*: Grace Tan
*Looking for replacement

Registrar: Christine Bullock

Member(s) at Large:  vacant

Committee Members

Equipment Manager: Terry Hamm (southfoursoftballassoc@gmail.com

Website/Social Media: Vacant

Uniforms: Vacant

Photo Day Coordinator: Crystal Fenton

Diamond Coordinator: vacant

Casino Coordinator: Pam Britton

Learn-to-Play Coordinator*: Anna Glickman
*Looking for replacement