"Let's play ball!"


Southfour Communities include: Bayview, Braeside, Bridlewood, Brittania, Canyon Creek, Canyon Meadows, Cedarbrae, Chinook Park, Evergreen, Haysboro, Kelvin Grove, Kingsland, Mayfair, Meadow Lark, Millrise, Oakridge, Palliser, Pumphill, Shawnessy, Silverado, Somerset, Southwood, Windsor Park, Woodlands, Woodbine

If you do not live within the Southfour Softball Communities please register in your own district.  With the exception of LTP, all players on competitive teams must register within their own district.  For a listing of the Districts/Communities throughout the City and who to register with, please click on the link below:


The LTP teams (ages 4-8) are mixed. The U10 – U19 teams are not mixed; however in the U10 and U12 divisions there may be boys teams of the same age playing against girls teams of this same age group.  U14 – U16 boys may play against girls teams of a higher age level (U14 boys play against U16 girls; U16 boys play against U19 girls).  This is a Calgary Minor Softball Association decision to ensure there is competition available for the boys softball teams if there are not enough boys teams in any category.

LTP (Learn to Play): Birth year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – $125 registration fee; no uniform deposit
U10 (Mite): Birth year 2011, 2012 – $180 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit
U12 (Squirt): Birth year 2009, 2010 – $205 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit
U14 (Pee Wee): Birth year 2007, 2008 – $230 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit
U16 (Bantam): Birth year 2005, 2006 – $255 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit
U19 (Midget): Birth year 2002, 2003, 2004 – $255 registration fee and $75 uniform deposit

All registration fees are to be paid online (or cheques can be mailed to the Registrar); uniform deposits to be mailed to the Registrar.  See the “Members” tab to register.

**The Withdrawal deadline is up to and including April 1, 2021, and is subject to a $25 admin fee. No refunds will be given after this date.


Email us at southfoursoftballassoc@gmail.com for more information

Each category will play 2 nights per week.

LTP (Learn to Play) birth year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
See LTP Tab for available days and time slots

U10 (Mite): birth year 2011, 2012
Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:45pm*

U12 (Squirt): birth year 2009, 2010
Monday and Wednesday starting at 6:45pm*

U14 (Pee Wee): birth year 2007, 2008
Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:45pm

U16 (Bantam): birth year 2005, 2006
Monday and Wednesday starting at 6:45pm

U19 (Midget): birth year 2002, 2003, 2004
Monday and Wednesdays starting at 6:45pm

Visit www.calgaryminorsoftball.com for U10 – U19 schedules. 

* Please note that U10 & U12 will now be playing 1 hour and 30 minute games.

Coaches from each team (U10 – U19) will determine their own practice schedules. These are mandatory, and may be held on weekends or other weeknights when scheduled games aren’t being played. 

Yes. Games are scheduled by Calgary Minor Softball (CMSA) which is a city-wide organization, and includes surrounding areas. Visitor (away) games will be scheduled throughout the city and surrounding area.  Exception: U19 (Midget) teams play at Vista Heights for all games; practices to be held at Southfour diamonds.

Southfour has diamonds located at Nellie McClung School (2315 Palliser Drive SW), John Ware School (10020 19 Street SW), Brookpark Drive SW and down south in the community of Silverado.  Home games and practices may take place at any these diamonds.  

Games are scheduled through CMSA and typically begin at 6:45pm.  Coaches will ask players to arrive 30-45 minutes prior to game time – this ensures players can warm up, stretch and be ready to start the game on time. Please ensure you arrive on time, so coaches can warm up and practice with the girls. 

All players U10 (Mite) through U19 (Midget) are required to have their own batting helmet with cage, groin protection (Jill), black baseball pants, jerseys (provided by Southfour), ball glove, water bottle and hair elastics (long hair must be tied back).

Recommended optional items: cleats, mouth guard, knee slider, sliding shorts, batting gloves

As per a new rule with the CMSA “All pitchers of any age will now be required to wear a face mask or pitching mask” Please ensure the girls are aware of this.