"Let's play ball!"

Timbits Softball

Welcome to Timbits softball program. The Timbits program was developed to introduce children (ages 4-8) to the game of softball in a fun, action packed and developmentally appropriate way. This program is not an introduction to the adult game of softball, but instead a program that fosters skill development and maximum participation for all athletes. This is done through a variety of activities and lead up games. These games will give players more opportunities to touch the ball and develop the necessary basic skills to enjoy the game.

The activities in this program are fun and short in duration to help keep the children engaged and active. These activities will help to prepare your child for more advanced competition later in life. The LTP program is designed to address the common characteristics of young children. These include:

  • Love having fun
  • Love lots of action
  • Have gross motor skills, not fine motor skills
  • Need for approval and praise
  • Have short attention spans
  • Have different maturing rates
  • Can complete simple tasks, not complex ones
  • Think concretely, not abstractly
  • Anticipate and make decisions slowly
  • Enjoy a stress-free environment

The success of the Timbits program is dependent on the help of parent/adult volunteers. Volunteers are required to help run activities, provide feedback and ensure that there is a 1:6 adult to child ratio. This will allow each child to have the maximum repetitions and help them learn the skills more quickly. Families are welcome to help at every session, and you do not need to be knowledgeable about softball. All you need is a smile and enthusiasm.

Softball is an active game and players will likely get dirty, so please ensure your child wears an old pair of pants and their LTP t-shirt (which we will provide) to each session. Players should also bring their own water bottle and glove. Team rosters and contact information will be provided on the first practice of the season – Monday, May 1st, 2023. Until then, please feel free to contact our Timbits Coordinator anytime at the below email.

Let’s have a FUN season! Let’s PLAY BALL!

Dawnmarie Petrash
Timbits Coordinator