"Let's play ball!"

Project Overview


The current state of the fields we use are in various stages of age and require a great deal of improvement to bring them up to today’s current standards.  We would like to build dugouts, install larger backstops and provide fencing for players and bystanders at each of our fields, this will provide a safer environment for teams to practice and play the game of softball.  Not only teams within Softball Alberta will benefit, but recreational slow-pitch leagues, baseball teams and multi-age softball will remain active and present in our communities for many years in the future.   We are proposing an attractive, eye-appealing playfield area that will provide functional training and encourage players to take pride in their sport and play hard.  Above all, we want to encourage participation in the safest way possible.


  1. Tear out and replace current backstops.
  2. Install 4.5′ perimeter fence around all fields, including yellow guard along top. Include access gates for city maintenance vehicles.
  3. Build 2 dugout shelters for each field, including new benches.
  4. Replace old and worn equipment.
  5. Install Southfour signs at each field to increase visibility.

PHASE 1 (November 2017 – November 2018):

In addition to the Grants that we will apply for (CFEP and Amateur Sports Grant) and any funding that may be provided from the City of Calgary, we also plan to raise $20,000 in additional funding.  We have included a link to the Parks Foundation website on our registration page.  Families will be able to contribute directly throught the registration tab by adding an amount to donate.  Alternatively, donations of $100 or more are eligible for a tax receipt and should be made directly through the Parks Foundation Calgary website, to “SW Ball Diamond Revitilization Project”.  On Friday, May 25th, 2018 we are hosting a large fundraising BBQ at our own Nellie McClung Ball Diamonds.  We also have $30,000 in cash and casino funds that we are willing to provide for these improvements.

**UPDATE April 11, 2018: We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded $75,000 from the Amateur Sports Grant.**

**UPDATE June 1, 2018: Thanks to our players and community members, we raised over $3,000 from our fundraising BBQ on May 25th.**

**UPDATE December 30, 2018: We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded $100,000 from the CFEP Grant.**

PHASE 2 (July 2019 – September 2019):

Much of this project can be completed over a 2-month period.  Most of the contractors we have contacted have indicated that they can complete the construction portion of the job to completion.  The relatively small nature of this build, compiled with the repetitive process for each field, will allow us to hire one contractor.  Phase 2 would include all new builds: installations of fencing, backstops, dugouts, benches and repositioning of existing storage bins.  We are still in the preliminary stages of planning and hope to get a conceptual drawing grant to create a detailed drawing that would encourage investors and supporters, and provide more comprehensive measurements and information.  

**UPDATE January 4, 2020: Nellie McClung Diamonds, John Ware Diamonds, Silverado Diamonds have all recieved upgrades.  Construction was done by Bradon Construction, and will be complete in Spring 2020 before the start of our Softball Season.  New equipment, signage & a storage bin was purchased as well.**

PHASE 3 (October 2019):

Phase 3 would include all esthetics’ and purchases to re-equip the storage bins.  This would include minor landscaping to clean up the surrounding area after construction, purchasing necessary equipment such as bases, chalk line markers and pitching mounds, and replacing old and worn out equipment.

**UPDATE November 16, 2020: Unfortunately due to Covid-19, our first season on the new diamonds was postponed until 2021.  We are looking forward to using these new ball diamonds and hope to have an opening ceremony in late Spring 2021.**